Welcome to common place where you can share your knowledge to bridge the gap between hardware and software worlds.

Most engineers in todays’ world either belong to software (embedded) world or hardware (VLSI or board design) world. As the products are becoming complex, it is becoming difficult for an individual to jump across the wall between these two worlds and peek into other side.

Aim of this website is to bridge the gap between geeks who understand embedded software and with nerds who know how to make hardware works.

*But why would you want to know about other side ?*

(1) Where am I in the ‘eco-system’ ?

A successful product is not about good hardware, or beautiful firmware, its more about how best your product fits in existing eco-system. If you want to design a successful product then you cannot limit your knowledge to just cocoon of your expertise. You need to understand the whole picture of how your product will be used, how will it interact with other devices or users, and most importantly does something like this already exists.


(2) Optimize for performance, power or price ?

As the embedded products are becoming complex, performance and power optimizations are needed at each level whether hardware, board-design or software. So you would want to know if some minor changes in registers, or memory-map tweaks in your hardware, can make your design fit in an open-source framework. Or how can you save BOM (bill-of-material) by doing multiple things from same piece of hardware.


(3) How should your advertise ?

Some very good products, die because they could never be advertised correctly. You may design a product for a use-case but may be someone knows a better way of using your device than you. So its always to ask others, and test waters by putting your product into a test market, and listen to users.

There can be many more reasons to peek into other’s world, even if you are not planning to design any product. Its just good to share knowledge, and also keep learning.